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Air quality text alerts are back!

10 Dec

TextAlertWith the return of winter inversion season, we are once again offering our air quality text alert service! To sign up, simply text cleartheair to 69302, or visit

There have been some important updates to the Department of Air Quality’s air action/alert system.

Here is a quick synopsis:

  • Green – Remains the same. Little or no health risk, no action required.
  • Yellow – Moderate. Voluntary action (no burn, drive less). Air quality is acceptable, however some very sensitive people may begin to feel an impact.
    • Mandatory action (no burn, reduce vehicle & industry emissions) is triggered when pollution levels reach 73 and above on the air quality index.
  • Orange – Unhealthy for sensitive groups (seniors, children & those with heart/lung conditions).  Mandatory action (no burn, reduce vehicle & industry emissions).
    • Orange level is new and would have triggered a red alert in previous years.
  • Red – Unhealthy for everyone. Everyone may begin to experience health effects and members of sensitive groups may experience more severe health effects. Mandatory action (no burn, reduce vehicle & industry emissions).

It is very unlikely that our area will reach the Purple (Very unhealthy) or Maroon (Hazardous) alert levels.

Here is a helpful graph from the Salt Lake Tribune that outlines the new system.

More information on the Air Quality Index (AQI) (colors & health alerts).

Do you have questions about the new system? Let us know and we will do what we can to get your questions answered!