Millcreek sixth-graders to kick off clean-air campaign

13 Nov

Thank you to the Salt Lake Tribune and reporter Judy Fahys for helping us spread the word about Care to Clear the Air this winter!



The Salt Lake Tribune


Patti White’s Morningside Elementary sixth-graders are ready to help kick off this winter’s Care to Clear the Air campaign on Monday.

The students in East Millcreek have been tracking their own progress in saving energy, and their Team World Initiative Save Energy — aka Team W.I.S.E. — has put together energy conservation lesson kits.

Wearing their clean-air T-shirts, they’ll sing and dance the songs they wrote to remind everyone what can be done to keep northern Utah’s air clean during the inversion-prone summer months.

“They’ve done a lot on trying to reduce pollution,” said White. “They want to see something done.”

The campaign offers tips on how to reduce winter driving without too much trouble. To participate, people must register, then they can access clean-air aids, such as real-time air quality text alerts and helpful videos.

“It is important that all our residents make a conscious effort to drive less, carpool, take public transportation and telework when they can,” said Alan Matheson, environmental adviser for Gov. Gary Herbert, in a news release. “Participating in this winter’s Care-to-Clear-the-Air campaign can give them the tools they need to do their part.”

Businesses are also invited to participate. They can encourage their employees to use alternatives to solo driving, including carpooling and teleworking on poor air quality days.


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