Utah’s a Winner…For Bad Air!

19 Jan

On Monday, the federal government’s air quality website (AIRNow) forecast that Northern Utah currently boasts the worst air quality in the nation, with all other 49 states trailing far behind.  The website also listed the five worst cities for air quality in the nation, all of which were in Utah – Logan, Ogden, Provo, Salt Lake City, and the Wahkie Indian Reservation near the Utah-Idaho border.

So what can you do to improve Utah’s air quality?

Be sure to use TravelWise strategies especially on RED and YELLOW air days but also on our GREEN (good & moderate) air days.  On top of traveling wisely, don’t forget that you can get rewards for your efforts!  Become a part of our winter Care to Clear the Air campaign to enter in a competition for prizes, and remember you can come to many of our free activities to learn more about public transportation here in Utah.

Please feel free to get new information at our Care to Clear the Air website to learn more about upcoming events and also be sure to sign up for text alerts on air quality to be sure you are in the know.

And don’t forget to check out our Care to Clear the Air video!


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